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Triangle Pouch Tea Bag Filling Packing Machine

The machine is widely used for packing black tea,green tea,white tea, yellow tea, Oolong tea, scented tea, raise liver, nourishing the stomach tea, health tea etc daily food and condiments such as small granular, powder quantitative weighing materials
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Product Information

Health tea/tea packing machine is a kind of automatic precision equipment which can seal green tea, black tea, flower tea, coffee, Health Tea, traditional Chinese medicine tea and granule triangle bag. Also,  it can be used for flat bag packaging, Triangular three-dimensional packaging and other forms of packaging bags.

Technique Performance



Packing Speed

15-40 bags/min

Filling Range

≤15g / bag


±0.5 g /bag

Packing roll width


Film size

(L)50-70 (W)48-68mm

Sealing method

Cutting and sealing by ultrasonic



Total power


Packing material


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)3100*(W)1560 *(H)2150mm

tea bag packing machine (1)

 Triangular Tea Packing Machine  appliaction (2)

Machine Features

1. The whole machine can automatically complete feeding, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished product conveying and other functions.

2. It adopts precise control system to adjust the action of the whole machine, with compact structure, man-machine interface design, convenient operation, easy adjustment and easy maintenance

3.  The bag length is driven by servo motor, the bag length is stable. the positioning is accurate, and the machine adjustment is convenient.

4. Choose import ultrasonic sealing, electronic weighing method of feeding, sealing is firm, feeding is accurate.

5. Automatic alarm and automatic shutdown function in case of failure.

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Our Service

--Free Training Video to ship with machine

Our technical team will provide a training Video to our customer in order to train the operator how to use the machine.

--Life-Long after-sale service

Our factory will provide life long service, in order to help our customers to solve any problem regarding the machine, such as replacement parts, technique questions,etc.

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