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Nylon Cloth Corn Fiber Triangle Bag Tea Packing Machine

The Automatic Nylon Pyramid/Flat Inner and Outer Bag Packing Machine is suit for the disposable packing of tea, herb tea, health tea such small particulate products.
Product Details

Product Information

Supply triangle packet tea packaging machine nylon bag tea packaging machine automatic health care tea packaging machine.


This machine is suitable for tea, medicinal tea, health tea, Tieguanyin, Longjing, Maofeng, Wuyishan Dahongpao, roses, ginseng and so on.

Characteristics of the machine

The nylon triangle package is made of environmentally friendly nylon and non-woven fabric. It is a non-toxic, bacteria-free and heat-resistant high-texture food material tested by the national security. Its sealing adopts a unique method-ultrasonic seamless sealing, tight. Hygiene. Safe, reduce the extra edge width, do not waste a trace of filter material.

Product Parameter

Brand NameXiangHong
MaterialStainless steel 304
Filling range≤15±0.5 g
Bag size50x48mm,60x58mm,70x68mm
ApplicationBeverage, Chemical, Medical, Food
Power supply220V
Supply Capacity50sets/month
Packingplywood case

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Machine Features

Packaging consumables deviceWhen using nylon film with label and thread for production, the machine will adjust the tightness of the bag according to the tension of the film to make the bag more accurate.

Control panel: Adopt the OMRON PLC control system which is a full touch screen setting, the worker can select operation language by himself.

Filling system and weighing method: According to the different materials of the products, we are specially equipped with three different alternative schemes: electronic weighing, measuring cup type, and vibrating disc filling, and we will help customers choose the appropriate scheme according to the actual situation. So that our client can improve the work efficiency of the packaging machine and get a better return on investment.

Machine body: The whole machine is made of authentic 304 stainless steel, preventing rust and oxidation. Depend on using thickened steel plates, the structure of the body is more stable and durable, even the weld at the joint of the body has been polished which presents a smooth beautiful appearance without a burr.


We have thousands of subdivided product packaging solutions for you to choose from, and provide the corresponding operation video. Contact us now to help you solve the packing problem.

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