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Automatic Filling 3D Triangle Bag Non-woven Tea Packaging Machine

Supply triangle packet tea packaging machine nylon bag tea packaging machine automatic health care tea packaging machine. This machine is suitable for tea, medicinal tea, health tea, Tieguanyin, Longjing, Maofeng, Wuyishan Dahongpao, roses, ginseng and so on.
Product Details

Product Information

This is a scented tea triangle bag tea packaging machine, using nylon transparent film with thread and label as packaging material,which have good perviousness and perspectives. It makes the tea leaves have enough permeability and space to allow the hot water to flow freely so that the tea products can release the fragrance when brewing. 

Both triangular package and flat package is available, which can be switched flexibly to meet the actual packaging requirements. Not only that, this series of machines can be equipped with different numbers of electronic scales for filling, including two heads, four heads, and six heads. 

The multi-head electronic scale filling system is widely used in the filling of various regular and irregular materials, such as loose tea, black tea, herbal tea, scented tea, fruit tea, mixed tea and so on.

Product Parameter

Brand NameXiangHong
MaterialStainless steel 304
Filling range≤15±0.5 g
Bag size50x48mm,60x58mm,70x68mm
ApplicationBeverage, Chemical, Medical, Food
Power supply220V
Supply Capacity50sets/month
Packingplywood case

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Machine Features

1. Packaging capacity: 30-60bags/m (Determined by packing material, If you only pack a single material, the packing speed will be faster)

2. Multihead weigher: Electronic scale can be fine-tuned,even it can be collocated according to the material. The multi-head scale can be working at the same time, and then fill the tea leave into bag separately , which improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it also avoids the accumulation and extrusion of tea products on the hopper, reduces Tea raw materials wear and improves our product quality. When packaging mixed tea, you can combine them to weigh two or three kinds of raw materials at the same time and then fill them into a triangular bag, but mix-material packaging will slow down the packaging speed of the machine.

3. Ultrasonic sealing device: It makes the cut of the finished bag neat, the shape is beautiful, and the waste of raw materials is reduced.

4. Power system and mechanical transmission system:The whole machine adopts mechanical transmission and combination of electric, installation and debugging simply and conveniently, running smoothly, sealing strong, good bag appearance.

5. Automation control system: The PLC control the steper motor to pull the film accuately. Beside, the color touch screen is human design, operation interface is clear, parameter setting is simple

6. The machine will automatically stop when Issued the warning.

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