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Tea Bag Machine For Small Business

tea packing machine is suitable fo人small grain-like material. Such as bulk tea, herbal tea, health tea, flower tea and other internal and external bags are disposable packaging.
Product Details

Product Introduction

The small tea bag packing machine enables you to measure the product accurately and swiftly, fill the tea bag or sachet without spilling and then seal the sachet instantly. And it's Widely used in packing herbal, oolong tea, granulated coffee, etc. More than that, this Tea Bag Packing Machine helps you to fill and seal a few tea bags to a few hundred tea bags in a few seconds and minutes.

Technique Performance



Packing Speed

30-60 bags/min

Filling Range


Outer bag size

(L)70-90 (W)80-120mm

Inner bag size

(L)50-80 (W)50-70mm

Label size

(L)20-40 (W)40-55mm



Total power


Packing material

Paper/Plastic, Plastic/Plastic, Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic,
Paper/Aluminum/Plastic, Tea filter paper

Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)900*(W)610 *(H)1500mm

Small Pouch Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Packing types

Machine Features

This Tea Leaf Sachet Packing Machine is hot-sealed, automatic and multifunction packing equipment.

Function and feature:

  1. The contact material parts all stainless steel, no contaminated material.

  2. microcomputer control self-energy, so that more precise and accurate dispensing, fast, fully automated dispensing process.

  3. Adjustable packing speed.

  4. intelligent temperature control.

packaging machine manufacture

Kindly Reminder:

  Please let us know the following packing details when you are interested in our product so that we can So we can give you professional advice for you。

  1. Product details

  2. Bag width, bag length

  3. Bag shape

  4. Packing film material

  5. Machine frame

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