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High Quality Small Sachet Powder Bag Packing Machine for Powder of Food, Chili, Milk, Spice, Seasoning

High Quality Small Sachet Powder Bag Packing Machine for Powder of Food, Chili, Milk, Spice, Seasoning

This Spice Powder Packing Machine is widely applied for food, pharmacy, and chemical products in mesh size, such as milk powder, soya powder, cosmetic powder, slimming tea, medical powder, etc. It Can automatic weighing and measuring the repackaging, multi-function change packing, suitable for goods sort is more, stainless steel shell, well-presented and high-end.
Product Details
We intention to create extra worth for Soy Sauce Packing Machine, Liner Type Triangular Tea Packing Machine, Automatic Dosing Weighing Filling Packaging Equipment. All of the time, we have been paying attention on all information to insure each product or service glad by our customers. We improve the operation mechanism, improve the all-round product flow network, and offer high-quality products and effective services to the society. Not only do we produce traditional standard products, but we continue to adapt to customers' needs and constantly develop new varieties. Your recognition and trust is a beacon to guide our long-term development and sustainable operation.

Product Information

The Small scale Powder Packing Machine is controlled by the most advanced microcomputer chip in the world, with the tracking detection of the photoelectric eye, the two packages are sealed and cut accurately, and the coding machine and air clamping or inflating device can be selected. This machine is suitable for all kinds of powder such as lotus root powder, sesame paste, soybean milk powder, powder materials automatic packaging. It can automatically complete bag making, metering, blanking, sealing, slitting, counting, and can also print the batch number and other functions according to customer requirements.

Technique Performance


XH-20 FF

Packing speed

30-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)30-150mm (W)30-140mm



Total power


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)710*(W)960 *(H)1700mm

Powder Filling Packing Machine

Coffee Powder Filling Packing Machine

application and bag types

Optional function devices:

1. Hole punch device

2. Tear notch device

3. Linking bag control device

4. Air exhaust device

5. Nitrogen inflation device

We have been committed to providing customers with high-quality, one-stop value-added services and High Quality Small Sachet Powder Bag Packing Machine for Powder of Food, Chili, Milk, Spice, Seasoning, constantly improving our advantages, and promoting large-scale business operations. Our company takes the integrity first, the customer as the respect service tenet for the customer favor. Looking forward to the future, our colleagues are confident to serve customers with the best service and products. To ensure the stability of overall business scale and profitability, we strengthen the integration and upgrading of all business segments.
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