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Automatic Double Tea Envelope Small Sachet Tea Bag Packing Packaging Machine with String and Tag

Automatic Double Tea Envelope Small Sachet Tea Bag Packing Packaging Machine with String and Tag

It is suitable for double bag packing of small granular products,;such as tea leaves, medicinal tea, health care tea and herbs tea, etc.
Product Details
All of our Soy Sauce Packaging Machine, Vinegar Sauce Packing Machine, Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine meets the current national standards and industry standard product performance requirements. We pay attention to the development of human resources, and now have strong product design and development capabilities. Standardization is a necessary condition to promote technological transformation and technological progress and a basic way of improving product quality and economic benefits. Please genuinely feel no cost to speak to us for enterprise.

Product Application

This double chamber tea bag packing machine is a hot -sealed automatic and muitifunctional packing equipment, It can automatically make bags, fill materials, count, seal, and cut. And the most advantage is the packing weight, the size of the inner-bag and outer-bag can all be adjusted flexibly according to customer requirements. 

It is suitable for automatically packaging of steeping products such as fragmental tea, medicinal tea, coffee and etc. The packaging bags with cotton thread. All the works of bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting can be done automatically.

Technique Performance



Packing Speed

30-60 bags/min

Filling Range


Outer bag size

(L)70-90 (W)80-120mm

Inner bag size

(L)50-80 (W)50-70mm

Label size

(L)20-40 (W)40-55mm



Total power


Packing material

Paper/Plastic, Plastic/Plastic, Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic,
Paper/Aluminum/Plastic, Tea filter paper

Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)900*(W)610 *(H)1500mm

Small Pouch Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Packing types

Main feature

  1.  Simple driving system.

  2.  Easy to cleaning.

  3. Touch materials are all stainless steel 304.

  4. CPU control system and also with a wide user-friendly LCD screen.

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We are committed to create highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly Automatic Double Tea Envelope Small Sachet Tea Bag Packing Packaging Machine with String and Tag since we have a group of our own talents who continue to learn from new equipment and technology. We will try our best to serve every customer wholeheartedly and become a partner that customers can trust and rely on. Passing Value', in the potential, we sincerely invite you to mature up with us and create a vivid foreseeable future jointly!
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