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Pillow Sealing Powder Packing Machine

Packing Machine with measurement cup Filler is ideal for powder products (milk powder, coffee powder, flour, spice, cement, curry powder, etc.)
Product Details

Product Information

This small bag powder packing machine is very suited for 2-100g powder sachet packing, support sealing as back-seal, 3 sides seal, 4 sides seal.

Larger bags of powders for spices, salt or food service use are perfectly made by our VFFS machines. We provide complete powder packaging systems for all powders and granules, whether dusty, free-flowing, or non-free flowing.

Technique Performance


XH-20 BF

Packing speed

30-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)30-150mm (W)30-140mm



Total power


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)710*(W)960 *(H)1700mm

Powder Filling Packing Machine

powder bag packing machineapplication and bag types

Machine Features

1. New design, beautiful appearance, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology

2. Imported PLC computer control system, color touch screen, easy to operate, intuitive and efficient

3. Multiple automatic alarm protection functions to minimize damage

4. Diversified bag shape, can provide customers with pillow bag, pocket, hole bag, joint and so on

5. Touch screen and stable and reliable PLC control, bag-making, metering, filling, sealing, coding, bag-cutting one-time completion

6. External film release mechanism is adopted to facilitate the installation of packaging film

7. Vertical sealing and sealing process, automatic adjustment of deviation, greatly reducing labor intensity.



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