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Turmeric Powder Packing Machine Price

Powder Packing Machine is designed and manufactured specially for powdery and super fine powdery products Driven by servomotor, the auger is rotating to fill products; furthermore, the filling range can be adjusted automatically through computer
Product Details

Product Information

This Protein Powder Filling Packing Machine is designed and manufactured especially for powdery and superfine powdery products driven by servomotor, and the auger of it can rotate to fill products. Furthermore, the filling range can be adjusted automatically through the computer. It also has a security device, when you open the safety door, the machine will stop automatically.

Technique Performance


XH-20 TF

Packing speed

30-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)30-150mm (W)30-140mm



Total power


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)710*(W)960 *(H)1700mm

Powder Filling Packing Machine

powder bag packing machine

bag tpyes

Machine Features

This Protein Powder Filling Packing Machine can weigh, bag-making, filling, sealing, and cutting automatically. All accessible materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the product is hygienic and reliable. And the processes of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and hot pressing codes can be done automatically by computer control. Touch screen operation reliefs worker burden, which embodies simplicity and convenience. Servo driver control auger filler, which can improve the filling accuracy. The Protein Powder Filling Packing Machine also has a temperature controller that controls the temperature in an intelligent way to make heat balance better. It is easy to operate, and you can set the filling weight directly on the display. It shows fine packaging performance with low noise, clear sealing texture, and strong sealing performance.

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