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Meal Replacement Powder Stick Packing Machine

produces a sleek new stick design that is more cost-effective than traditional stick packs. Available in various sizes and heights and volumes, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of single-serve packets.
Product Details

Product Information

Model XH-20BF, is a stick bag of Meal Replacement Powder Packaging Machine, It can process 30-70 single-serve packets per minute for a 5-10 gram powder products fill. The whole packaging machine has been strictly debugged before leaving the factory, It can be put into production after simple debugging after arrival. What's more, the machine occupies a small area and is flexible to use, so it is very suitable for the production of low-dose powder samples.

This powder packaging machine can complete automatic filling, automatic weighing, automatic packaging, automatic coding, cursor positioning, automatic cutting, and other packaging actions, with a wide range of packaging, such as coffee powder, seasoning powder, medicine powder, toner, etc., the sealing method is back sealing, the bag is beautiful and compact, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, including aluminum foil film, color film (need to add cursor positioning).

Technique Performance


XH-20 BF

Packing speed

30-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)30-150mm (W)30-140mm



Total power


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)710*(W)960 *(H)1700mm

powder packing machine

Machine Features

1. The stick bag packing machine adopts an Intelligent temperature control system that controls temperature sensitivity and accuracy, with a low repetition error. It can work continuously for a long time. Besides, with the help of a good thermal conductivity sealing device which is made of high-quality copper,The seal of the final bag is beautiful and firm.

2. Adopt the electronic modules of Siemens or Panasonic,the program can be designed by the engineer, so it is convenient for the microcomputer to control the packaging process according to the actual situation.

3. Film drawing systemThe multi-connection film shaft can help auxiliary film drawing smoothly when the film running. The film drawing process and the filling process are completed at the same time.

4. Frequency conversion speed regulation of the main motor has the advantages of saving power and stable speed increase. 

5.Equipped with an emergency stop switch to ensure the safety of the operator,Moreover, the automatic induction alarm can prompt the operator to find the fault in time and is easy to maintain.

packaging machine manufacture

Xianghong can process and customize the equipment to meet the customer's specific single-serve packets of packaging requirements. Compared with the traditional packaging machine, the new type of stick packaging machine has many advantages, including stricter weight control, high finishing accuracy and lower maintenance costs.

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