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One-stop-shop For Tea Packing Equitment

Oct 16, 2020

    With the development of consumption habits, tea packaging style is more and more diversified, among which, Dip teabag is generally accepted by consumers because of its convenient use, simple and sanitary characteristics. And the Filter Paper Teabag packaging machine is becoming more and more popular for tea industrial packaging.  

tea bag tpye

Why so many people choose the Tea sachet filling and sealing machine? 

    Economical and efficient for tea leaves packaging needs release. Therefore, We  Xianghong Packing Machinery should let more people know the advantages of the tea bag machine, and help them to reach the business goal. 

Now, What's a tea bag packing machine?  And what does it use for? 

    Dip tea bag packing machine is a kind of pouch making and filling machine which can pack fixed quantity Loose tea leaves in a square filter paper bag. There are some different types of teabag packing machines (XH-10 with line, XH-11  with line and label tag, XH-68 double chamber tea bag with label). All accessible materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the product is hygienic and reliable.

double chamber tea packing machine

    Xh-68 is our star product, which is a new type of heat-sealed, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment. The inner and outer bags can be formed at one time, which avoids direct contact between Human Hands and materials, improves efficiency and keeps the original taste of the materials. The inner bag is filter cotton paper, which can be automatically wired and labeled, and the outer bag is compound paper. Not only that labeling and external bags can be used photoelectric positioning, but packaging capacity, inner bags, outer bags, labels can be arbitrarily adjusted, according to the different needs of users.

What are the main components of the tea bagging machine? 

Hooper and Measuring cup

Label and thread-making device 

inner and outer bag former 

touch control screen 

cutting device 

Conveyor belt

tea packing machine detail

Once you understand the component parts, you'll find it much easier to know how does the tea sachet machine works. Let’s dive into this topic directly now. 

Hooper and Measuring cup: Accurate measurement of packaging grams to avoid errors. Automatically weigh and fill the tea to packing,

Label and thread-making device: The machine automatically makes labels and lines of the required size according to the parameter settings.

inner and outer bag former:  After the tea is filled, the line and label are automatically connected, and finally the inner tea bag is made. The Manipulator automatically pick up the already made inner tea bag and put it into the outer bag former, and then The machine automatically making the outer bag. perfect bag making is available.

touch control screen: You can set the operating parameters of the machine on the touch screen.

cutting jaw: Sophisticated rotary sealing structure with independent temperature system for bag forming and cutting in continuous performance.

Conveyor belt: Finally you can get a beautiful double room tea bag.

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