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Development Status Of Vacuum Packaging Machine Industry In China

Jun 14, 2019

China's vacuum packaging machine started in the late 1970s, with an annual output value of only 780 million yuan, and only 100 varieties of products. In the past five years, the food and vacuum packaging machine industry has grown at an average annual growth rate of 11% to 12%, which is higher than the national economic growth rate in the same period. The total sales increased from 15 billion yuan in 1994 to 30 billion yuan in 2000. From 270 species in 1994 to 3,700 species in 2000.

At the new level of product level, the trend of scale, completeness and automation began to appear, and equipment with complex transmission and high technical content began to appear. It can be said that China's machinery production has met the basic needs of the country and began to export to Southeast Asia and third world countries. For example, China's total import and export volume in 2000 was 2.737 billion US dollars, of which exports amounted to 1.29 billion US dollars, higher than 1999. 22.2%. Among the exported machinery varieties, there are many machinery exports such as food (dairy, pastry, meat, fruit) processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling machines, paper-plastic aluminum composite cans, and other food machinery such as sugar, wine, and beverages. Equipment such as vacuum packaging machines have been exported.