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Cooking Oil Sachet Packing Machine

Cooking Oil Sachet Packing Machine

Liquid, cream and granule like sugar, coffee packed in
a back sealing bag or three sides sealing bag.
Packing for different materials can be accomplished by different dosing unit.
Product Details

Cooking Oil Sachet Packing Machine

Product Information

In order to meet the diverse needs of viscous liquid packaging such as edible oil, butter, jam, bean nut sauce, garlic sauce, olive oil, ketchup, tomato sauce, cheese, shampoo, lotion, hair dye, chocolate cream, bath gel, medical gel, etc. We have introduced an edible oil packaging machine in the product range. Our Engineer ensures that these products have unrivaled quality standards.

Our automatic Oil FIling and Packing Machine is suitable for PE bag.  All of the machine parts are made of stainless steel. According to client preference, the packaging range can be 5ml to 1000ml oil /liquid. And the Oil packaging outcome will be nice and neat. 

Technique Performance




30-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)50-130 (W)40-140mm



Total power


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)650*(W)900 *(H)1700mm

machine description

liquid packing sample

Machine Features

1. You can set the bag length,  packaging speed, photoelectric switch, sitting delay, and angle adjustment.

2. There is a color mark positioning device in the microcomputer. The cutter position can be set for

different packaging films to ensure that the pattern on the packaging bag is complete and beautiful.

3. According to the needs of customers, the machine can be customized into a bag back seal, three side seal, or four side seal. (Back seal, three side seal, and four side seal structure are different)

4. The device can seal and cut the bag horizontally, and the length of the cut bag can be adjusted.

5. Using an automatic tracking code machine, you can set temperature, location, print date, and batch number, etc.


We make sure that every packing machine is strictly packed and tested for durability!

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