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Why are workers busy and inefficient?

Jun 09, 2020

Why are workers busy and inefficient?

Many factories often have this phenomenon: almost everyone in the factory is very busy, almost every department is not busy, but the overall efficiency is low. And it's hard to find out why. I don't know how to improve. This paper analyzes the reasons from eight aspects.

1. The process needs to be improved.

2. The system is not well supported.

3. Inadequate supervision.

4. The management ability of the enterprise director is limited.

5. The professional quality of employees is not high.

6. The guiding role of "busy" culture.

7. There are problems in the strategic positioning and direction of the enterprise.

8. Technical means do not match.

How to solve these problems and reduce manpower? Or mechanization?

With the development of science and technology, it is gradually moving towards mechanization, mechanization and labor saving, with stable efficiency. Work efficiency is stable.