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What is a powder packing machine? a complete guide!

Dec 24, 2020

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with Mr. Yu, a senior technical consultant who has worked in Xia Gong Group for 25 years. Ask him about the knowledge of the vertical powder packaging machine and the troubleshooting of the powder packaging machine.

With his great help, let’s help you to familiarize the basics of powder packaging automation. Keep on reading!

Table of Contents

  1. 1.What is Powder packing Machine?

  2. 2.Application fields of powder packaging machine

  3. 3.Common classification of powder packaging machines

  4. 4.Major Components of powder packing machine

  5. 5.Conclusion

What is a Powder packing Machine?

In general, A powder packaging machine refers to packaging equipment that can pack commercial powder products well in some processes, Includes the following three basic actions.

1.Complete the bag-making work for powder products.

2.Dispense product into preformed pouches by weighter or volume cup

3.Fill the powder into the bag and then seal the bags shut.

In addition, there are alternative functions such as printing or embossing, filling nitrogen, Dust collecting, counting bags, and so on. When people use the powder packaging machine, it can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, and meet the needs of large-scale production and hygiene.

Application field

1. Food and Beverage Industry

Flour, starch, sugar powder, milk powder, chocolate powder, coffee powder, chili powder, seasoning, additives, energy drink, protein powder.


2. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Washing powder, industrial powder, medicinal powder, etc.

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Common classification of powder packaging machines (for small business)

In actual commercial production, there are Various packaging machines that exist for different types – pouch, bag, cartons, bottles, etc. we’re taking a closer look at only the pouch and bag design in this article.

According to the filling mode of the material, it can be divided into screw type and rotary type. Below are two common powder packaging equipment for small business

1. Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Solution, with Auger Filling Machine

This is the most common small powder packaging machine,VFFS type powder packing machine is widely used for various snack foods.

2. Rotary Powder Packing Machines.

It is suitable for customers who have requirements for packing speed and limited space.

The rotary bag packaging machine lays out in a circular manner, which means that The feeding point of the product is very close to the export of the finished product. This giving the operator an ergonomic format and it does not occupy a large space to operate

Base on The automation level

1. Semi-Automatic Powder Packing Machines

In general terms, The semi-automatic packaging machine needs more manual intervention. From the filling and opening of the bag, the production process needs to be monitored manually, which is labor-intensive and inefficient.

2. Fully Automatic Powder Packaging Machines

The machine does not need constant human intervention during the whole process of operation. The operator only needs to set the appropriate parameters into the computer, and the machine will finish the rest of the work by itself. In addition, these machines are equipped with many sensors to ensure the efficiency and safety of the whole packaging process.

Components of Powder Filling Machines

That’s right! We can find out how it works from the main parts of the powder packaging machine.

1. Hopper

You can put a large number of powder products into the hopper, and usually, there is a screw in the hopper to make it easy to distribute powder to the weigher our volume cup.

2. Measuring Cup or Weigher

Precision electronic scale or measuring cup, the measuring range can be adjusted according to customer requirements, that ensure the bags are filled with precise amounts of the powder product.

3. Bag Former

The customized bag former ensures that the bag is made according to the design idea.

4. PLC Control System

Now it is usually equipped with a touch screen control panel, which makes it more convenient for us to set the relevant technical parameters here, so as to control the safe and stable operation of the packaging machine.

5. Power and mechanical drive system

Use pneumatic power to drive moving parts, including mechanical motors, gears and conveyor belts.

6. Heat seal and Cutting  device

Using a heat sealing device and a proper cutter combination, the powder products packed in the bag are divided into separate finished product pouches.

7. Sensors

The application of the sensor, such as the photoelectric eye, can accurately locate, assist in pulling the film to make the bag, If the sensors do not detect the presence of the bag, the machine will stop dispensing the product.

the thermal sensor ensures the safe use of the heat seal, and the alarm will indicate the fault when the machine is abnormal.

8. Other optional devices

Coding machine, nitrogen charging equipment, bag connecting device, anti-static device, dedusting device.


In the current market environment, automation is an obvious trend. Not only saving packers from the exhausting process of manual packaging but also helping packagers improve production efficiency.

Although there are a variety of multi-functional powder packaging machines on the market, most powder packaging machines are only manufactured for specific purposes, depending on the type of powder products being packaged.

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