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What is a food packaging machine?

Sep 28, 2019

What is a food packaging machine?

Food packaging machine is the key equipment for the preservation and safety of packaged food. It uses stepping motor. It runs quietly, moves steadily and has a long life.

Performance and structural characteristics

1. Fully automatic complete the whole production process of feeding, measuring, filling, bag making, printing date and product output.

2. High measurement accuracy, high efficiency and non-fragmentation.

Food packaging machine

Food packaging machine

Three provinces of labor, low wastage, easy to operate and maintain.

4. Food packaging machine adopts stepping motor, which runs quietly, operates steadily and has long service life.

5. It can adjust the opening and closing speed of hopper door according to the characteristics of the measured material, so as to prevent breakage and jamming.

6. Calculating error: +1.5g

Packing Machine for Food Products