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Understanding of teabags inside and outside

Jan 07, 2020

Understanding of teabags inside and outside

The oxygen content in the inner and outer bag tea packaging machine is too high, which will lead to oxidative deterioration of some ingredients in tea. Such as ascorbic acid is easily oxidized into deoxyascorbic acid. And further pigment reaction with amino acid knots, which makes the taste of tea worse. therefore. The oxygen content in tea packaging must be effectively controlled below 1%. On the packaging technology of tea bag packing machine inside and outside. Inflatable packaging or vacuum packaging can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen. Vacuum packaging technology is to put tea into a soft air-tight packaging bag. When packing, the air in the bag is excluded, which causes a certain degree of vacuum, and then the packaging method is sealed. The inflatable packaging technology is filled with inert gas such as nitrogen while exhausting the air. The purpose is to protect the color, aroma and taste of the tea. Unchanged, maintaining its original quality.

The inner and outer bag tea packaging machine has a wide range of packaging, which can pack various materials such as liquid, sauce, powder, granules, and solids. Just choose different measuring and filling devices according to different materials. The packaging bag has a wide range of applications, and can be applied to pre-made bags and paper bags made of multilayer composite films. Quickly change the specifications of the packaging bag. The width of the automatic feeding device may be adjusted easily and quickly by the adjustment handle. The inner and outer bag tea packaging machine meets the unsanitary standards of food processing machinery. The parts in contact with the materials or packaging bags on the machine are made of stainless steel or other materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and hygiene. The inner and outer bag tea packaging machine is equipped with a detection device as standard, which can detect that the machine will not fill the filling device and the heat sealing device will not seal when there is no packaging or the bag is not opened, thereby avoiding waste of packaging materials and raw materials.

The inner and outer bag tea packaging machine evenly arranges the product packaging bags on the sealing strip and places them under the pressing strip. Close a vacuum chamber and apply a little pressure. The entire packaging process from vacuum, sealing, printing, and returning air is controlled by electrical automatic procedures at one time. While one vacuum chamber is working, another vacuum chamber can be used to place items. After one vacuum chamber returns to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can be moved to another vacuum chamber, so that the left and right chambers can work alternately. During work, if abnormalities are found, the inner and outer bag tea packaging machine can press the emergency stop button to return air in advance and restart work. When the work is suspended, put the lock switch in the "OFF" position. When it is stopped, cut off the power and do the cleaning work.

The products packaged by the tea bag packaging machine with inner and outer bags have anti-mildew, anti-moth, anti-pollution, anti-oxidation, volume-saving, freight-saving, extended storage period, and ensure the quality of the items.