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Types of Powder Packaging Machines

Oct 11, 2019

Types of Powder Packaging Machines

Xianghong powder packaging machine is the most advanced equipment in today's industry. It has a highly automated and intelligent packaging machine. Advanced computer technology and microelectronics technology are selected in the control technology, which is also an important sign of its development in modern enterprises. And it can complete the multi-purpose function of one machine. Through the change of function module and modular planning, it can be applied to different packaging materials, packaging items, packaging requirements of different types of packaging production. And it can also form the production line to improve the output power, complete a comprehensive automated production mode for enterprises, and so on.

Habitual Scope: Widely used in food, pharmacy, chemical industry and scientific research fields, such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, premix, additives, milk powder, starch, condiments, enzymes, feed, nutrient powder, laundry powder, black sesame powder, coffee powder, penicillin powder, boron powder, collagen, flour, dyes and other powder, powder, powder, powder, powder, granular material, high precision quantitative analysis. Filling.

Round Corner Shape Powder Packing Machine