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The automatic packaging machinery technology has been developed rapidly.

Oct 08, 2019

The automatic packaging machinery technology has been developed rapidly.

Nowadays, with the increasing cost of human resources and the continuous expansion of production scale in various countries, there are more and more high-level automation requirements for all kinds of machinery and equipment. The automation degree of technological process in enterprises has been continuously improved. Especially in recent years, the automation of packaging machinery technology has been developed rapidly. Just a few years ago, packaging machinery with automation technology was in use. The proportion of the whole profession is still very low, less than 30%, and now the proportion has exceeded 50%.

As the food industry is more and more related to the future development of packaging machinery industry, it can be said that the food industry is the next salvation of packaging machinery. According to the query data of more than 800 food production enterprises in the United States, the results show that among all the mechanical equipment, the continuous packaging machine is the most used one, followed by mechanical transporters and bags. Loading machines, stackers and so on, but many new packaging machines such as grinders have not been popularized. There is also a query about the future purchase plan of packaging machinery for enterprises. The query data shows that the order of their demand quantity is stretch grinder, continuous packaging machine, stacker, box making machine, mechanical conveyor, and they all have the will to improve the level of mechanization and automation. However, the equipment suppliers who can satisfy their needs account for only five of the whole manufacturing profession. One-third of the enterprises are ready to buy semi-obsolete machinery. Although these machines can not fully satisfy the performance requirements, they can save considerable expenditure. The query data also shows that 63% of the manufacturing enterprises have no plans to purchase new machinery and equipment in the next year, mainly some small and medium-sized enterprises.

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