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Technological process of packaging machinery

Apr 01, 2020

Technological process of packaging machinery

The packaging process includes filling, wrapping, sealing and other main processes, as well as the related previous and subsequent processes, such as cleaning, feeding, stacking and disassembling. In addition, the packaging process also includes measuring or printing the date on the package.

The use of packaging machinery packaging products can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of sanitation.

The sealing packaging machine is a multi-functional packaging machine. The roll packaging materials are single-layer and composite, single-layer such as moisture-proof cellophane, polyethylene, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, composite such as tensile polypropylene / polyethylene, polyethylene / cellophane / aluminum foil.

In addition, there are also materials that can be heat sealed. The sealing forms of packaging include pillow sealing, three side sealing and four side sealing. The box loader is used for the packaging of product sales.

The box loader is a machine used for product sales and packaging. It loads a measured quantity of materials into the box, and closes or seals the opening part of the box.

The packing machine is used to complete the transportation and packaging. It packs the finished products in a certain arrangement and quantity into the box, and closes or seals the opening part of the box. The packing machine and the packing machine have the functions of container forming (or opening the container), measuring, loading, sealing, etc.

The process of the bottle filling line for filling various drinks is basically similar, but due to the different nature of drinks, the filling machine and capping machine are also different. For example, the beer filling line not only selects the appropriate filling capper, but also adds a sterilizer. The capping machine selects the corresponding models according to the different capping shapes (crown capping, screw capping, plug capping, etc.).