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Performance advantages of powder packaging machines

Jun 29, 2019

1. The packaging speed and the length of the bag can be adjusted steplessly within the rated range without the need to replace parts. The length of the bag is digitally set by the controller of the packaging machine, and the stepping motor is used to drive the bag to make the bag length adjustment simple and convenient, the bag length is accurate, and the operation is stable and reliable.

2. The heat sealer body adopts four-way heating control, the heat-sealing temperature can be preset, the temperature is automatically controlled, and a good heat balance is ensured, which is suitable for various packaging materials, so as to ensure that the bag mouth is tightly sealed and flat and beautiful.

3. The high-quality photoelectric switch (electric eye) is used to detect and position the color code printed on the packaging material, so that the packaged product can obtain a complete trademark pattern. (Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system can automatically eliminate the influence of interference signals caused by abnormal color code patterns and poorly printed packaging materials, and the operation is stable and reliable.)

4. Automatically print the lot number or date of manufacture of the packaged product.

5. It is easy to tear on the finished package of each bag for consumers' convenience.

6. When changing the width of the packaged finished bag, it is necessary to replace the former for forming the bag.

7. All parts in contact with the packaged material are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, in line with the hygiene standards of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

8. Press the button when packing the powder material to complete the operation automatically, and the operation speed is fast and the efficiency is fast.