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One of the future ways of food packaging machinery green energy saving products

May 25, 2020

One of the future ways of food packaging machinery green energy saving products

Food packaging machinery is the key product of packaging machinery industry, which has great potential. China is a big country of food processing in the future. According to the statistics report, China exports one sixth of the world's output of canned fruits every year. In addition to the rigid social demand, our government will also take corresponding encouraging measures to vigorously promote the transformation of food machinery enterprises, to the direction of industrialization, informatization and marketization, and to help enterprises break through the obstacles of capital and technology.

According to the analysis, there is a large demand for packaging machinery in China, but the domestic packaging machinery technology fails to meet the needs of food enterprises, resulting in an increase in the import of packaging machinery and equipment.

The share of domestic refrigeration equipment keeps increasing

With the increasing consumption of frozen food, China's frozen equipment has a promising market. In 2014, the demand for refrigeration equipment in China will be higher than that in 2013. With the improvement of refrigeration equipment technology, the share of domestic brands will continue to increase and the import of alternative products will decrease.

Currently, North America, Western Europe and Japan account for more than half of the global refrigeration equipment market. The improvement of population quality and the rapid growth of GDP promote the demand and supply of refrigeration equipment in China's overall market. Whether industrial refrigeration equipment or commercial refrigeration equipment, in terms of technology and environmental protection, they need to be updated in the fierce market competition to meet the market demand, which puts forward higher requirements for the development of enterprises. Those enterprises that cannot meet the national quality standards will be phased out in the development.

Relevant industry analysis reports predict that the global commercial refrigeration equipment market will reach US $31.2 billion in 2015, with an average growth rate of 5.2%. Among them, China will account for 20% of the total market share, and continue to maintain rapid growth. Among them, the commercial equipment market will reach US $3.4 billion, with a growth rate of 9.1%.

Packaging machinery will be revolutionized

Visiongain, a famous international investigation organization, predicted that the packaging machinery would undergo revolutionary changes in the next 10 years, which would bring new opportunities to the food and beverage packaging industry in China, through the investigation of the development trend and track of the major food and beverage packaging enterprises in the world in recent years.

The automatic control system of food packaging machinery is constantly improved, and its development tends to be intelligent. For example, with the improvement of detection technology, the control system can not only display the location of the current machine fault, but also predict the possible fault, so that the operator can check and replace the relevant accessories in time, and effectively avoid the occurrence of the fault. Remote monitoring is also an innovative application of food packaging machinery. Group customers can coordinate the operation of all machines and realize remote monitoring, which is a great convenience for enterprises.