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New Electronic scale tea packing machine

Oct 28, 2019

New Electronic scale tea packing machine

New member of Xianghong electronic scale packaging machine family electronic scale tea packaging machine. Product model: xh-20sf

Electronic scale packaging machine

Electronic tea packaging machine refers to the automatic packaging of black tea, green tea, Tieguanyin, wolfberry leaf tea, wheat tea, wolfberry, cassia seed and other tea materials. China's long tea culture, so that China's demand for tea has always been in a high position. As a result, there are more tea merchants, and the demand for tea packaging products is growing. In tea packaging this piece of artificial is always more efficient than not machine. However, with the development of packaging automation in the world, tea packaging machine also needs to develop towards the direction of intelligent automation. With the development of the mainstream, it will eventually become a member of the automation family, bring more convenience to tea packaging, and bring greater benefits to the whole tea market economy of tea farmers and tea merchants.

Xianghong electronic said that the tea packaging machine from the workers into the machine, everything is automatic processing, from the packaging film through the bag forming machine, and then by the electronic scale accurate measurement of the weight of tea and then blanking into the bag, the machine for sealing. In this packaging process, the electronic weighing tea packaging machine automatically completes a series of packaging work, such as bag making, weighing, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting. The automation of tea packaging has been realized.

Electronic tea packaging machine for Xianghong packaging for tea packaging and the promotion of a packaging equipment. As a kind of packaging equipment with stable performance, it guarantees the accuracy and stability of the product through precise measurement and control of servo motor, and it also has the function of automatic alarm and shutdown. When it is found that the machine is in fault or there is no material, the system will automatically give an alarm and stop for the next operation, so as to reduce the loss of tea material and packaging film. At the same time, the current production data can be retained so as to continue production and ensure the continuity of production. The whole machine adopts stainless steel plate in the appearance and material contact part, which conforms to the national GMP standard, to ensure that the tea materials are not polluted in the packaging process.