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How to classify food packaging machines?

Sep 25, 2019

How to classify food packaging machines?

According to the scope of use can be divided into: household, industrial; according to product status, there are liquid, block, granular packaging machine; according to packaging function, there are internal packaging, outsourcing packaging machine; according to packaging industry, there are food, daily chemicals, textiles and other packaging machines; according to packaging position, there are single-station, multi-station packaging machine; according to their own packaging position; The degree of dynamization is divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic packaging machines. There are many classification methods for packaging machinery. Each classification method has its own characteristics and scope of application, but it has its limitations. From the international general situation of packaging machinery, a more scientific classification method is classified according to its main functions, which can grasp the essence of things.

Technical Parameter

Bag-making length 20-300 mm

Bag-making width 10-200 mm

Packing speed 5-60 bag/min

Measurement range 5-1500ml

The thickness of the films ranges from 0.03 mm to 0.08 mm

Power Supply Specification 220V, 2.2KW

Machine size 625 *751 *1158

Machine quality 190kg

Milktea Powder Packing Machine