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Full intelligent tea vacuum packaging machine

Oct 28, 2019

Full intelligent tea vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum packaging machine

The machine is a vacuum and non vacuum packaging machine, computer controlled, with electronic scale, without external air source

Support the special packaging machines such as customized packaging machines and special-shaped bags.

24 hours online response to after-sales problems, free door-to-door maintenance within one year, lifelong technical support.

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This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of wolfberry leaf tea, wheat tea, wolfberry, cassia seed, black tea, green tea, Tieguanyin and other tea.


1. No external air source is required for all electric

2. The vacuum time, sealing time, vacuum packaging bag length and width can be adjusted.

3. Fast vacuum pumping speed, with electronic weighing, high accuracy.

4. Use touch screen microcomputer control, electronic scale interface display operation, simple and convenient, human-computer separation to improve efficiency

5. All accessible materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the health and reliability of products;

6. High packaging stability, simple appearance and far higher packaging effect than manual packaging effect

technical parameter

Measuring range: 2-50g

Bag size: 150-170mm

Packing speed: 15bags / min

Power supply: 220V