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Food packaging machine equipment maintenance personnel must know ten principles!

May 25, 2020

Food packaging machine equipment maintenance personnel must know ten principles!

The maintenance of food packaging equipment is an important aspect to reduce the failure rate of packaging equipment and extend the service life of packaging equipment, while the lubrication maintenance of packaging equipment is the main aspect of the maintenance of food packaging equipment. As an equipment manager, which principles do you have to know? If you are a novice, how to start, do a good job of equipment lubrication and maintenance related management? From the perspective of equipment lubrication and maintenance, 10 practical principles are listed:

1. Select the appropriate viscosity (brand) and corresponding formula type (extreme pressure type, anti-oxidation and anti rust type or anti-wear type, etc.) according to the requirements of the food packaging machine. The suitable consistency and formula type shall be selected for lubricating grease.

2. During the storage and transportation of lubricating oil, it shall be prevented from mixing pollutants, sealing and heat insulation, air and water isolation.

3. Before the lubricating oil is added into the food packaging equipment, the cleanliness shall be up to the standard, and the cleanliness of new oil shall be up to ISO 14 / 11 or better. Pay attention to monitoring the cleanliness of new oil and do a good job in filtering.

4. Monitor the cleanliness of the lubrication system, which should be ISO 14 / 11 or better.

5. Do a good job in pollution control. If the environment is heavy with dust and moisture, use a respirator (breathing cap) with desiccant and water and oil filtering equipment. The moisture content in the lubricating oil shall not exceed 100ppm.

6. The oil temperature of lubricating oil shall be kept below 65 ℃, and cooling device shall be used if necessary.

7. Test your lubricating oil to ensure that the quality and cleanliness of the oil are qualified.

8. Inspect the lubricating oil in use, monitor the operation status of the food packaging machine equipment, find out the early wear failure of the equipment and conduct timely maintenance. Whether it is through oil detection instruments, such as viscometers, consistometers and other equipment to detect oil products, or collecting oil samples and sending them to a professional oil detection laboratory for testing, in a word, in the process of equipment maintenance, it is necessary to understand the state of the lubricating oil used by the machine, understand the lubricating oil, and we can understand the internal state of the equipment.

9. The amount of lubricating oil and grease shall be appropriate, and the oil level shall be kept in normal position. Use oil mirror, oil level gauge and other devices to make the oil level easy to check. The amount of grease should not be too much. It should be added according to the size of the bearing or the requirements of the manufacturer.

10. It is better to determine whether the lubricating oil should be changed through oil detection. For the equipment with regular oil change, observe the state of the oil during each oil change to determine whether the oil has deteriorated. If the oil has deteriorated during the recommended oil change period, the next time, the oil change period should be shortened as appropriate and the cause of the deterioration should be found out.

The above are 10 rules that every food packaging equipment manager should know. In practice, doing these works well can save us a lot of trouble and manage our equipment.