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Description of common adjustment methods for tea packaging machines

Jan 07, 2020

Description of common adjustment methods for tea packaging machines

Description of common adjustment methods for tea packaging machines

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, China's tea has developed rapidly. In this case, the tea packaging machine has a chance to show itself. Facing the hot summer, the sales volume of tea is in full swing, but then it faces the problem of storage of tea, and the packaging of tea is becoming more and more important. Over time, packaging that is not conducive to the storage of tea will be eliminated by the market, and the tea packaging machine as a "good helper" for tea, helps tea to solve its storage problem.

The tea packaging machine uses plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging material, which is specially designed for tea molding packaging. It can also vacuum package other small packaging materials; effectively prevent items from spoiling, and achieve quality, freshness, taste, Color retention function extends product shelf life.

The tea packaging machine is a small vacuum packaging machine in a food vacuum packaging machine. The tea vacuum packaging machine is equipped with different molds that can be used for the molding of tea. The adjustment method of several parts of it:

Travel switch

There is a travel switch in the middle of the rear of the organic board. If the fuse of the machine is intact and the button is in the power position, pressing the organic board will not work, you can press the travel switch manually; if the machine is working, you can remove the rear board and adjust the travel switch upwards. Enable the organic board to press the position switch.

2.Heating wire and cloth

The heating wire seat can move freely. The wire seat can be held by hand to prevent the power cord at both ends from being jammed. If the heating tape is wrinkled, it can be removed and pressed again. If the tape is damaged, it should be replaced to avoid affecting the sealing quality.

3.Oil level

After the machine has been used for 800 hours, change the vacuum oil and add oil to the marked oil level. Usually, if the oil is too high or low, the vacuum of the machine will be affected.