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Common problems with powder packaging machines

Jul 04, 2019

The powder packaging machine has no problem when encapsulating the powder with a large number of materials, and the bag type can maintain the appearance. However, when the metering and packaging of 100-400 mesh materials is sealed, the sealing will be lax, resulting in powder leakage, material and packaging bags, which will increase the cost of the enterprise. The problem of powder packaging machine in the case of lax sealing is a big problem in the packaging machinery industry, and it is difficult to solve it. If you want to solve this problem, you must have new ideas, new technologies, and new processes. In this regard, Xinxiang City Dayou Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has broken through this problem. From the measurement to the sealing, each part of the technology innovation, the silo to the metering screw each connection is fully sealed to reduce the risk of dust. The new innovative design is the safe and stable entry of materials into the packaging bag, the application of new technology and new technology plus the effective dust removal structure. The dust of the material has been thoroughly solved, and the problem of tight sealing of the packaging bag has been recognized by users. And praise. The powder packaging machine has been renewed in the powder metering package, expanding the scope of application.