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Classification of packaging machines

Dec 05, 2020

Classification of packaging machines

There are many kinds of packaging machines and many ways to classify them. From different point of view can be a variety of, according to the product state, there are liquid, block, granular packaging machine;According to the function of packing, there are inner packing and outer packing machine;According to the packaging industry, there are food, daily chemical, textile packaging machines; According to the packaging position, there are single-station, multi-station packaging machine; According to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic, automatic packaging machines. There are many methods for packaging machine classification, each of which has its own characteristics and application range, but all have its limitations. From the general situation of packaging machinery in the world, the more scientific classification method is classified according to its main function, which can grasp the essence of things. The basic category is as follows:

(1) filling machine

Packing machine is a packing machine that loads a precise number of packages into various containers.

(2) the sealing machine

Sealing machine is a machine to seal containers with packaging materials.

(3) wrapping machine

The wrapping machine is a flexible packaging machine that wraps all or part of the packaging.

(4) multi-function packaging machine

This type of packaging machine has two or more functions. The main types are:

1.Seal filling machine. It has two functions of filling and sealing.
Mold filling and sealing machine. It has molded, filling, sealing three functions. The types of molding are bag molding, bottle molding, box molding, bubble molding, melting molding and so on.
2.Plate sealing machine. It has the function of setting, filling and sealing. Finalize the design way
3.The double side sealing machine. It can seal both the upper cover and the lower bottom. When sealing the box, the box can be placed side or upright.
4. Molding - filling - sealing packaging machine it is a multi-functional packaging machine (figure 1). After the material enters the top of the packaging machine, the measurement part will send the specified quantity of products into the material channel in turn. When the packaging material of the reel passes through the outer wall of the material channel, it is wound into a barrel by the former. The transverse seal completes the top seal of the packing bag and the bottom seal of the next bag, becoming two welds. As the feeding channel is wrapped by the packaging bag, the bottom sealing can be directly fed into the bag after welding, and then move a station to complete the top sealing and cutting with the cutting knife to complete the packaging process.
The packaging material of the reel is single layer and compound. Monolayer if moisture-proof glass paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, high density polyethylene, compound if stretch polypropylene/polyethylene, polyethylene/cellophane/aluminum foil. In addition, there is heat - sealing materials. The packing seal type includes pillow seal, three-side seal and four-side seal.