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How to choose a powder packaging machine

Nov 26, 2020

Choose your powder packaging solution. (1)

A simple classification of powder products.

Since the increasing demand for powder management,  do you know how to choose a suitable powder packaging solution for your business? 

As food packaging practitioners, we noticed that having a good knowledge of the fundamental aspects of powder packaging can make your business easily. And now we are happy to share the powder packaging essentials with you.

Classification of powder products

A powder is a dry, bulk solid composed of many very fine particles that may flow freely when shaken or tilted. Wikipedia

Free Flow or Non-Free Flow

During the daily production process, the powder product is generally divided into two categories, free-flowing and non-free-flowing.


Generally, a free-flowing powder will tend to flow steadily and consistently. Products like granulated sugar and common salt,  which 'flow freely' when dispensed. its particles do not stick together, they don’t coalesce easily under pressure.

Conversely, a non-free-flowing powder can be compressed and tend to hold their shape when manipulated. Such as milk powder and brown sugar, its particles are cohesive.

So which powder category does your product belong to?   A tip for you. Just poke your finger into the container of the powder sample and remove it. If the hole could keep in shape, then, the powder was non-free flowing. If the hole could not last for a while and backfill with powder,  that was free-flowing powder.

It is very important to determine your product is non-free-flowing or free-flowing when choosing the powder packaging solution and the bag type.

In general, the free-flowing powder can be packed well by the volumetric cup or auger filler type packaging machine. But, a non-free-flowing powder, auger filler type packaging machine is the first choice since it is good at dispensing cohesive products.

Common powder products and industries

Food industry

sugar, salt, spice powder, milk powder, tea powder, coffee powder, wheat flour, etc.

Chemical and Medicine industry

pesticides and fertilize, detergent powder, drugs, cannabis.

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