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Choose a dip tea packing solution

Nov 21, 2020

Choose a Dip Tea Packing Solution

"I love a good cup of tea, that makes me tense in the free zone. "

Tea drinking is one of the oldest traditions of the civilized world. Anyone that enjoys sitting down to drink a nice cup of tea, or wishes to share it with friends needs to Make sure the tea leaves are flavorful and easy to brew. 

A Nice Dip Tea Bag is a good choice when it comes to tea drinking,  and the attractive packaging design plays a very important role to get that particular attention. 

Table of content

1. what are dip tea bags 

2. benefit of tea bags

3. types of dip tea bag packing bags

4. suit you best

What dip tea bags can do

Dip Tea Bags are agreed to be typically small, porous bags filled with dried leaves, flowers, or herbs. Usually, we use hot boiled water to brew it.  Teabags are available for different kinds of tea, such as black tea, green tea, white tea, flower tea, herbal, etc.

The loose tea leaves are enclosed in backyard packaging that’s made from filter paper,  cotton muslin, or "silken" food-grade plastic (such as nylon or PLA/Soilon). Teabags are sealed with heat or sealed with ultrasound. It’s usually accompanied by a string and a small tag that enables the teabag easy brewing. All of it does make it easier for your tea drinking.

Benefits of tea bags

Popularity of Tea Bags

Dip tea bags are enormously popular around much of the world. Especially in the USA, UK, India, Japan, and elsewhere.

Easy to use

Yum...Just simply put a tea bag into a hot cup of water, then lift it up and down. You will get a cup of tea without thinking about cleaning the extra tea infuser or tea strainer. When you’re done drinking your tea, you can toss the tea bag and compost file with no waste.

tea bag with string and tagTriangular Pyramidal Tea Bag Packaging

Economical and standardization

Each of the standard tea bags is quantitative packaging in a nice bag without wasting.  It can produce more servings of tea if you're only infusing the leaves once. Tea leaves are packed in individual sachets to preserve freshness and flavor. 

Common Uses for Tea Bags

Yeah, Tea bags are commonly used for making tea. However, there are some other uses for tea bags in daily life.

We can place the tea bags on our eyes that help us to rest and unwind our eyes. they may help to improve the appearance of your eyes by reducing dark circles. Moreover, the tea bags could get rid of odors in your room or office (much like an herb sachet would be used)

Drawbacks of Tea Bags

Different from whole leaf teas, the dip tea bag is filled with broken tea leaves. That means the tea leaves should be cut into pieces and crushed before fitting into tea bags. When you brew a dip tea,  the leaves are restricted, they don’t fully infuse flavor easily.

Choose the right bag style for your tea

Individually Enveloped tea bag

This is an ideal product for the customer that prefers to steep Tea in a Teapot without the use of paper

Double chamber tea bag

Double chamber tea bags are built up of 2 layers: an outer PET, an innermost filter paper. keep the smell and freshness of the tea leaves over a longer period of time

Our Nylon Pyramid tea bag

Pyramidal shaped with a larger interior space,  suitable for packing flower tea, herbal, healthy tea, etc. It brings you an extra punch of real flavor and mouthfeel. Since the pyramid-shaped tea bags, the tea leaves float around both sideways and vertically. which allows the ingredients to unwind and expand properly, releasing maximum flavor into your cup.


Not sure what style works for you? So contact us today, and we will plan our professional packaging idea for you.

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