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Factors need to consider for the powder packing

Nov 30, 2020

Factors need to consider for the powder packing


In our previous article, we have discussed what is the “free-flowing powder”, and the suitable powder packaging solutions. And now, Let’s continue to share our knowledge about powder packaging. Here we go!


Table of content


1. Bulk density

2. The Dustiness of Your Product

3. Conclusion



Bulk density matter in your powder packaging


The bulk density of powder products is an indicator that describes the powder products mass weight in unit volume. We can calculate the bulk density by Dividing the total mass by the total volume. the international unit is kg/m3 or g/cm3.


As we knew, the powder product is composed of many very fine particles,  Generally, the higher the bulk density, the powder product is mores easy compact when under pressure. That means the bulk Density and the“free-flowing” are positively correlated.


For example, free-flowing products like sugar or salt, will not compress very much. The space between particles is relatively large, so the bulk density is low.  On the other hand, non-free-flowing products, such as wheat flour and spice powder have a higher bulk density. they are easier compacted under pressure.


So what does bulk density affect our powder packaging machine?

Imagine, when we pack powders of the same mass but with different densities, the package dimensions and types will be different due to the amount of empty space inside and around the products. That is to say, we must take that into account when we choosing the bag size and filler type for our powder packaging solution.

4 factors need to consider

the finished bag size

the powder product’s container

packaging speed

the filler type



Are you working in a dusty environment?

The dust cloud will inevitably appear when we are dispensing the dry powder. People who have packaged these products are bound to be impressed by how far the dust particles can travel and how they cling to almost any surface. the dust not only causes unnecessary waste of product but also affects the normal operation of packaging machine,even become a serious danger to worker’s health. moreover, the dust would catch fire and explode when mixed with air.

Common causes of dust

  1. Opening transfers of powders products.

  2. Equipment not sealing properly.

  3. Lack of regular maintenance in the use of packing machines.


How to reduce dust in your factory?

A clean and Relatively isolated packaging process is the key to reduce dust from your production.  And now, we would like to offer some advice that can help you deal with the negative effects of dust in the powder packaging process.

  1. Using the enclosed jaw on the powder packaging machine, it can protect the entire moving part from dust that can impede its operation.

  2. Equip with Dust extraction device and Sealed conveyor belt. This ensures dust removal efficiency and the powder product could transport freely in a closed space without wasting. 

  3. An enclosure with an IP Rated will ensure that it can prevent dust cloud particles from entering the machine.

  4. Static Elimination Bars, When the plastic packaging film unwrapped and rolled into the bag former, it can create static electricity, which causes the dust to stick to the film inside. resulting in the rework and scrap finally.  A static elimination option device can solve the problem easily.

  5. Regular maintenance of packing machine,regular cleaning and inspection of machine parts can keep the machine in good working condition. We will provide you with more professional maintenance advice and professional knowledge if you needed.


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