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Adapt to the requirements of the international market, develop and design green packaging machinery

Aug 23, 2019

After joining the WTO, the international packaging machinery industry is increasingly competitive. Foreign green trade barriers put forward higher requirements for the food packaging machinery industry. Therefore, it is necessary to change the traditional packaging machinery design and development model, taking into account the packaging machinery in the design stage. In the whole life cycle (design, manufacturing, assembly, use, maintenance, and disposal after disposal), there is no impact or minimal impact on the environment, low resource consumption, easy recycling, and other "green features" to enhance the packaging machinery of China. Core competitiveness.

The key raw materials, such as printing inks, and their suppliers' catalogues should be documented in order to supervise and control the mass-produced food packaging/container products so that consumers can buy products that are safe and secure. Because foods and medicines that thousands of consumers consume every day must use soft plastic packaging materials that not only protect the contents from viruses and germs, but also require soft plastic packaging materials to meet safety and hygiene regulations and avoid packaging materials. It is imperative to ensure the health and safety of food packaging by contaminating the food and medicines packaged.