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Small Ffs Packing Machine For Dry Food

The Pillow Bag Biscuit Packing Machine is a kinda wonderful small packaging machine for nuts/dry food/snacks, and small food products. Xianghong Packing machinery can give you the best sachet packing machine on the base of sachet filling and sealing equipment.
Product Details

Automatic Pillow Bag Biscuit Packing Machine

Product Information

Model XH-20BK is a small sachet solid particles packing machine, it is mainly composed of a Stainless steel hopper,Measurment Cup, Bag former, touch control system, and cutting devices, suitable for candy, dry fruits, small snacks, seeds, popcorn, chocolate, and other small particles automatic measuring packing.

Bag material: Transparent plastic film, aluminum foil film, color film.

Bay type: pillow bag, 3 side sealing, 4 side sealing.

Optional Configuration: code printer, easy-to-tear, linked bag device, Nitrogen filling device, etc

Technique Performance



Packing speed

40-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)50-75mm (W)55-75mm



Driven Type


Total power


Packing material

Paper/the  polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc

Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)640*(W)750 *(H)1850mm

small granule packing machine (1)

small granule packing machine (2)

bag sample and application

Machine Features

1. The use of joint drawing film design, multi-roll linkage drawing film, adapt to more materials of the packaging film, effectively prevent roll film deviation, roll film more smoothly.

2. Use a microcomputer controller:The position of the color code can also be located digitally, and after it is set up, there is no need to replace the gear or move the electric eye.

3. Electronic control module:All the control actions are programmed with software, so it is very convenient to maintain.

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