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The Pillow Bag Biscuit Packing Machine is a kinda wonderful small packaging machine for nuts/dry food/snacks, and small food products. Xianghong Packing machinery can give you the best sachet packing machine on the base of sachet filling and sealing equipment.
Product Details

Product Information

Model XH-20BK is a Rotary measuring cup packing machine for particle food in the market. 

This machine adopts screw feeding technology, which can effectively avoid material blockage in the feeding process, and the hopper is made of food-grade stainless steel, which meets the safety and health standards of enterprises.

Not only that, the spiral measuring cup is used in the measuring mode of materials, which is suitable for measuring easy-to-flow particles and powder products with poor fluidity.

In addition, this small bag solid particle packaging machine is also equipped with a servo motor to reduce noise in the packaging process and long service life. At the same time, it is also equipped with an intelligent control system to control the packaging operation parameters of the whole machine, so it is not difficult to operate.

In short, this is a reliable machine that allows users to get a quick ROI

Technique Performance



Packing speed

40-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)50-75mm (W)55-75mm



Driven Type


Total power


Packing material

Paper/the  polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc

Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)640*(W)750 *(H)1850mm

small granule packing machine (1)

small granule packing machine (2)

bag sample and application

Function and Features

1. Double frequency conversion setting, packing bag length can be set and run at any time, no need to adjust or empty walk experiment, one step in place, save time and save the composite film。

2. The man-machine interface is friendly, the parameter setting is convenient and fast, and it has the function of fault self-diagnosis, which makes the operation and maintenance easier.

3. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color standard tracking, which makes the sealing and cutting position of the bag more accurate, and the shape of the product bag is beautiful.

4. Independent PID temperature control device, suitable for all kinds of packaging materials, to ensure that the seal does not leak.

customer photo

Customization cycle: the packaging machine should be customized according to your products and packaging requirements, and the operation and debugging should be carried out after production to ensure the normal delivery of the machine. it takes about 3-7 days for the standard model and 15 days for the customization of the non-standard model. about other non-standard models shall prevail according to the actual production situation because special non-standard parts need to be produced by drawing.

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