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Vertical Rice Packaging Machine Price

Auto Feeding, Measuring, Bagging, Date printing, Charging(Exhausting) realising fully automation. High precision, high efficiency without crash the materials. Product diversification packaging.
Product Details

High Speed Grain Packing Machine

Technique Performance



Packing Speed

5-60 bags/min

Filling Range

≤2500g/ bag

Packing roll width

L:300mm W: 100-200mm

Film size

Max width 420mm

Sealing method

Cutting and sealing by ultrasonic



Total power


Packing material


Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)1380*(W)1110 *(H)1530mm


Automatic Parched Rice Grain Packing Machine

Product Application

What do you want to pack?

Model XH-450 Z type elevator sachet packing machine can easily Fill free-flowing grains, pulses, seeds, salt,coffee beans, maize, nuts, candies, dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, snacks, pet food, low weighing engineering products and many more.

High speed  potato chips banana chips packing machine with low price

Machine Features

1,Highly sensitive weighing sensor, with the highest measurement accuracy up to + / - 0.5g.
2, Anti-acid-base 304 stainless steel plate, meeting the standards of food SC certification and drug GMC.
3, The standard procedure is to make sheet metal parts by hand. The mounting error is as small as 1mm
4, Automatic bayonet weighing hopper, storage hopper, main vibration and wire vibration without screw fixation.Simple disassembly and convenient cleaning
5, 10 sets of customized storage data, which can store 10 sets of commonly used parameters. When it is necessary to switch parameters, it is convenient and fast to switch with one key
6,There are 50 kinds of basic parameters of products with different attributes and shapes in the database. Only the same or should be selected when weighing
Similar material pictures, and then set the weight to complete the measurement part.Easy to understand.
7,Real-time monitoring screen can instantly check the weight of the blanking combination, check the stability and error of the weight.
8,The equipment is mainly calculated by mathematical combination. Many qualified combinations are made from multiple weighing hopper, and then the most similar combination is selected from them.
9, As many as dozens of languages can be switched at will.
10, You can customize the concavo-convex pattern plate, rotary weight, no material storage, non-stick material.One said multi-purpose, can achieve the same type of product diversified packaging.

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About warranty

1. One year warranty,within warranty period, we will provide free parts for replacement, if any problem belongs to us (delivery cost paid by the customer)

2. If there are any malfunction for the machine. We will try our best to solve the problem within 24 hours

3. We can provide installation and maintenance service at your place if you need.

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