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Drip Type Grinding Coffee Powder Packing Machine

Factory Hot Selling Single-Serve Inner Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine With Envelope, Automatic inner and outer bag packaging machine coffee filter packaging machine on sale.
Product Details

Product Introduction

The hot-selling hanging-ear coffee packaging machine is a machine used for packaging coffee powder for a single person. the inner bag adopts non-woven roll film combined with ultrasonic sealing technology and vacuum feeding method, the bag is beautiful, easy to brew, and the product meets the hygienic standard. the outer bag packaging can be customized, and the inner bag twice packaging ensures that the flavor of the product is lasting, easy to use, and long shelf life. In addition, the whole machine has a reasonable structure and small space, so it is very suitable for small enterprises to carry out production.

Suitable for: coffee powder, small granular materials

Packing material:filter paper, composite membrane, nylon, corn fiber(Food grade),drip fitter bag.


Hand Drip Filter Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Technique Performance

Inner Bag Packaging SectionPackaging MethodUltrasonic Sealing and Cutting
Measurement MethodVacuum feeder
Filling Range≤10g/ bag (Special specifications can be ordered separately)
Packaging MaterialsNylon, Non-Woven Fabric, Corn fiber
Bag SizeL:75mm W:180mm
Overwrapping SectionPackaging Method3-Side Heat Sealing
Packaging MaterialsLaminated Film (PP, PE, etc.)
Film Width140–220 mm

Outer bag size

L:90-130mm W:200mm

Capacity20-40 bags/min
Dimensions(L)880*(W)1750 *(H)2380mm
Weight420 kg
Power Supply *220V/50-60HZ

drip coffee bag packaging machine


This machine automatically completes the functions of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch numbers, and so on.

1. The reasonable multi-pull film structure is adopted, which makes the tension distribution of the film uniform, together with the photoelectric positioning probe, the film walking is accurate, and the inner bag is more beautiful.

2. The main engine control device is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, and the operator uses the touch screen to set up and control the machine operation, which is simple, fast and reliable.

3. Fault alarm function, can alarm some situations such as no material, empty bag in the inner bag, abnormal color code, no film in the outer bag, empty bag in the outer bag, abnormal air pressure and so on.

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