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  • April 2011, Zhangzhou Xianghong Packing Machine Co., Ltd. was formally established.

  • September 2011, the official website of Alibaba Chinese Online shop was opened.

  • March 2013, Established Research & Development Department

  • May 2015, Application for trademark "Xianghong" ect.

  • February 2016, applied patent for utility models of "all-intelligent bag-type packaging machine"

  • July 2016, Trademark Office officially issued the trademarks such as "Xianghong" ect.

  • August 2016, Moved to Zhangzhou Longwen economic development zone

  • August 2018, Applied for 20 utility model patents, including "a nylon triangle bag packing machine for inner and outer bags", "a four-head electronic scale packing machine" and "a three-side sealing packing equipment"

  • December 2018, it passed the examination of science and technology enterprises in Fujian Province and became the member of small and medium enterprises of science and technology  in Fujian Province.

  • April 2019, Applied for software copyrights such as "a liquid packing machine control system", "a granular packing machine control system" and "a powder packing machine control system".

  • July 2019, Xianghong Foreign Trade Department was established.

  • August 2019, We obtained the invention patent for "a storage device for discarded packaging materials".