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About XiangHong Packing Machinery

Our story

Base in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. Xianghong Packing Machine Co., Ltd is specialized in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing packaging machines that are widely used in different fields such as foods, powder, Solid particles, liquid and sauce, and etc. Especially the tea bag packaging machine that stands out for its high level of reliability, quality, and technological innovation.

Over these years, with active research and development and rich customer service experience, as well as market sensitivity, we have successfully developed several popular tea packaging machines, triangle pyramid tea bag packaging machine, and hanging ear coffee packaging machine. Helped a lot of entrepreneurs to achieve a good rate of return on investment.

Passion for packing

Our entrepreneurial experience

Mr. Huang, As Xianghong's founder and leader, Mr. H is an experienced engineer with his background Working in XG Group as an After-sales maintenance supervisor for many years.

After that,Mr. H has decided to start the business of packaging machines with several like-minded friends With good prospects for packaging equipment and enthusiasm for customer service.

There is nothing more wonderful than combining your interest with your career. He always says.

Our mission

Established in 2012, we have a 2000 square meters in-house factory. Benefiting from our own modern workshop and a professional R&D team,and the advanced manufacturing equipment, we could satisfy your needs at a more competitive price with a stable output of 30 sets of packing machines each month. Every machine that exported from our company has been gone through exquisite workmanship and strict quality test.

However, quality is only one of our many pursuits. Customization service enables us to offer you the most feasible packaging solution. The quick and efficient response allows us to process your issue in a timely manner, Fast delivery makes your production plan carried out on time. During all these years, customer satisfaction has been the main impetus for us to moving forward. Sticking with the idea of professional, practical, efficient and innovative, we have earned ourselves a high reputation among the world market.

Elevate Your Packaging Quality and Efficiency

For expanding the sales channel and enlarge our business, we are sincerely looking for exclusive agents in different countries. You are warmly welcomed to contact us.

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